To School

At Learning Blocks we know the importance of an effective transition to school program (transition-to-school-handbook-2019). Our transition to school program ensures that your child is well equipped with the developmental skills and knowledge for a smooth transition to the school environment.

Our Philosophy identifies our commitment to providing the highest quality care and education. This is reflected in the day to day running of our preschool rooms and the curriculum that our qualified Educators provide the children.

Our transition to school program is reflective of, and guided by The Early Years Learning Framework. This framework focuses on Educators facilitating children’s learning through an enriching curriculum, giving children ample opportunities which shapes children’s evolving knowledge, skills and capabilities.

The children’s learning is captured through the use of the five Learning Outcomes, taking into consideration that children learn in different ways and at a different pace. Learning is viewed to be ongoing as children progress towards the Learning Outcomes in different yet equally meaningful ways.

Educators track, document and display children’s learning, progress and achievements through the use of various forms of documentation such as jottings, learning stories, work samples, videos and photos. These are accessible to parents at all times via StoryPark, children’s educational journals and the project walls found in the rooms.

We focus on preparing your child by:

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