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Learning Blocks Dural/Castle Hill Childcare & Early Learning Centre

We are so excited to welcome our new families to the Learning Blocks family. Catering for children ages 6 weeks – 6 years, our passionate and caring educators continue to give children and families a happy, nurturing and educational experience.

Our Dural child care centre is conveniently located near Castle Hill, Dural, Glenhaven or Cherrybrook.

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Looking to enrol your little one to a child care centre near you? Explore our brand new Dural/Castle Hill child care centre from the comfort of your own home. Our interactive viewer will allow you to virtually walk through our centre and explore the facilities and environment before you enrol! 

Featuring brand new facilities and spacious classrooms specially designed for babies at 6 weeks and older, to toddlers from 2 & 3 year old’s to children up to 6-year-olds. Ranging from a dedicated sensory classroom, to discovery and adventure rooms.

Each classroom has been purpose built to cater for each child’s learning and development stage from babies to toddlers to ensure your child is getting the appropriate learnings from our day care.

Only minutes from Castle Hill, Glenhaven and Cherrybrook. Our Brand New centre is located on Newline road Dural and is the perfect location if you are looking for local child care centre near you that focuses on family values and provides Individualised care for your child.

Meet Ms. Susie (Director of Learning Blocks Dural/Castle Hill)

Hi my name is Susie and I have an Associate Diploma in Early Childhood. I have been in the Early childhood profession for 30 years.

As a mother of 2, I understand the important decision families face when choosing the right centre for their child. As a Director, I am passionate about creating warm, engaging, loving and safe environments for all children….. a place I’d be happy to bring my own children to.

I take pride in bringing out the best in people and I’m extremely proud to lead a team of passionate & qualified educators, who work to the highest standards to cherish each child’s individual journey. They go above and beyond to invest in the children’s early care and education through a high quality educational program that supports each child’s development and learning.

I strongly believe in maintaining trusting and genuine relationships with our families as we all play an integral part of strengthening the link between home and care.

I am grateful to work closely with our other centre Directors and supportive Management team and excited to be part of a unique and positive environment that Learning Blocks has established.

Pathways to a purposeful future

0-2 Yrs Old

Sensory Room

The centre caters for babies, 0-2 years old. Our Cot rooms provides babies a comforting and relaxing space for sleep and rest in a quiet, safe and easily supervised rooms. The sensory rooms also provide safe and engaging indoor play spaces which allow our educators to create multiple experiences in different areas to foster each individual babies holistic development. 

Educators ensure a strong focus on responsiveness to babies individual needs and create a care environment that supports opportunities to bond with your child. Educators are nurturing and focus on building trust to ensure babies feel safe, secure and loved.

2-3 Yrs Old

Discovery Room

Developmentally the children in this age group will enjoy their environment and we have created play spaces appropriate to their age group. Our environments are aimed at promoting curiosity and exploration so that children skills can emerge and develop at their own pace. Educators use intentional teaching practices and scaffold children’s learning so they can reach their full potential.

Toilet training is supported in collaboration with families to ensure their child is successful in reaching this important milestone. At this stage of development, children begin to form friendships and significant skills and interest begin to emerge. Educators are focused on fostering and cultivating children’s skills, interest and culture, as they move forward in their journey through preschool.

3-6 Yrs Old

Adventure Room

As children progress through their early years and reach preschool age they begin to demonstrate greater independence and express their individuality in a range of meaningful ways.

The Adventure preschool room is designed and resourced to provide opportunities for children to practice and build on their existing skills and interests. Children engage in a range of play based learning experiences (guided by the Early Years Learning Framework) to discover new understandings, to learn about themselves and make meaning of their world.

Educators have a strong focus on ensuring children’s smooth transition to school by supporting learning experiences, rich in literacy and numeracy, and most importantly, to support children’s social and emotional skills so children may transition toward kindergarten with a strong and positive disposition toward learning and sustaining meaningful relationships.

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