Learning Blocks

The Learning Blocks Philosophy

Learning Blocks Child Care Centres are family owned and operated. Our Quakers centre located on Lalor Road opened in 2010, followed by our Quakers Hill childcare centre located in Sherridon Crescent in 2012. Our Dural Childcare centre located in New Line Road opened in September 2019.

Our centres provide a secure and happy environment where children can develop their skills to become confident and involved learners.

Equality, Children's Rights

& Relationships
with Children

We believe that everyone has the right to equality, fairness and opportunities. All children, families, educators and community members will be treated fairly and be given the right to equal opportunity as part of the Learning Blocks family.

We believe children have the right to be heard and the right to make decisions that affect their world. We provide children with a safe and secure learning environment that supports the rights and dignity of children.

Meaningful and trusting relationships is the concrete foundation that supports children’s learning and development. We recognize that building relationships takes time and effort. Educators are genuine and warm in their interactions with children and educators believe that to build meaningful relationships, educators must be responsive, respectful and honest.

Environment and

Educational Program

We believe that our education and care environment is the child’s ‘second home’. Children develop a sense of belonging in an environment where they are nurtured through genuine, meaningful and loving relationships with peers and educators. A place where they can feel safe and secure.

We believe that children’s skills and learning evolve when educators observe and skilfully respond, considering Malaguzzi’s 100 languages of children. Early education is a journey of learning and we believe children have the right to learn through play to develop the necessary skills imperative life skills.

We aim to educate children about the importance of sustainable practices and develop respect for their environment, people, places and things, through a purposeful and meaningful curriculum. Learning Blocks is a place where they can make sense of the world they live in whilst being supported by caring, nurturing and professional educators.

Early Childhood


We believe educators are researchers and that learning is a life-long journey. As Learning Blocks educators, it is expected that we walk in each day with a positive attitude – ready to teach and ready to learn. Educators are supported through their professional development through approved early childhood qualifications, mentoring and opportunities for professional development.

Our unique ‘Professional Educator’s Behaviours Guide’ aim to guide Educators with high expectations in relation to Quality Care, Empathy, Development, Enthusiasm and Partnerships. We foster a professional environment through a cultivation of teamwork, strong communication, collaboration, and supporting each other to reflect on practice, both individually and as a team.

Families and


We believe in building and maintaining meaningful and trusting relationships with families. We respect each individual families, beliefs, cultures and values and strive to work in partnership with families.

We believe that to maximise children’s learning and nurture a sense of belonging, family relationships must be based on trust, honesty and open communication.

We believe in developing connections with the local community, including support services and local schools. We always take advantage of opportunities to invite families and the community into the service to enhance children’s learning. We welcome parent contribution into our curriculum so families can share their culture, knowledge and participate in learning experiences with the children in their early education environment.

Looking for a family oriented childcare centre in Quakers Hill or surrounding suburbs such as Woodcroft or Marsden park? Our two Quakers Hill early learning day care centres are conveniently located in Lalor road and Sherridon Crescent.

Looking for a childcare centre near Castle Hill, Dural, Glenhaven or Cherrybrook? Our Dural Childcare Centre is conveniently located on New Line road which is only minutes away from these and other surrounding suburbs!

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