Our Philosophy

At Learning Blocks Child Care Centres, we believe that children are curious, creative, capable and competent learners. Educators work closely with families to provide quality care and education for children within a warm, welcoming and safe environment. (Our Philosophy)

Relationships with children

We believe that meaningful and trusting relationships is the concrete foundation that supports children’s learning and development. We recognize that building relationships takes time and effort, and that educators interactions with children should be responsive, respectful, honest and genuine. We believe children’s voices should be heard and that children have the right to make decisions that affect their world. We provide children a safe and secure learning environment that supports the rights and dignity of children.

Environment and Educational Program

We believe that the children’s education and care environment should feel like their ‘second home’ and that children’s development and sense of belonging is nurtured through genuine, meaningful and loving relationships with peers and educators.

We aim to provide a secure and safe environment that ensures children’s health and safety as well as acknowledges our evolving image of the competent child.

We believe that early education and care is a child’s stepping stone where children have the opportunity to learn the necessary skills imperative to life-long learning.

We acknowledge the environment as the child’s third teacher and view children’s play as a ‘vehicle’ for learning. A place where they can make sense of the world they live in whilst being supported by caring and nurturing educators. Our educational program and planning cycle enables educators to gather and develop significant documentation in order to plan meaningful experiences to enhance and enrich children’s learning.

Early Childhood Educators

We believe educators are researchers and that learning is a life-long journey. As Learning Blocks educators, it is expected that we walk in each day with a positive attitude and ready to teach as well as ready to learn. Educators are supported through their professional development through approved early childhood qualifications, mentoring and opportunities for professional development.

As educators we see the value of making mistakes and believe ‘there is always room for improvement’. We foster a professional environment through a cultivation of team work, strong communication, collaboration, and supporting each other to reflect on practice, both individually and as a team. Our unique ‘Professional educator’s behaviour’s’, aim to guide educators with high expectations in relation to Quality Care, Empathy, Development, Enthusiasm and Partnerships.

Families and Community

We respect each individual families, beliefs, cultures and values and aim to work in partnership to enhance children’s learning and nurture a sense of belonging. We believe in developing connections with the local community, including support services and local schools. We believe in taking advantage of opportunities wherever possible to invite the community into the service to enhance children’s learning.

We welcome parent contribution into our curriculum so families can share their culture, knowledge and participate in learning experiences with the children in their preschool environment.