Gourmet Meals

Your child's daily food requirements are provided by Kids Gourmet Food.  

The meals we serve our children are Nutritious, Healthy and wonderful.  The sample menu can be seen here (Sample Menu) from the Kids Groumet Food Website.

When children are growing up, mealtimes are not solely about nutrition. They’re a time to explore a world of new flavours and textures and to enjoy a positive and sociable eating experience that will encourage them to make their own healthy choices when they’re older. We are truly passionate about passing on our own love of food by offering a diverse and creative menu that captures children’s interest. 

  Kids Gourmet Food offers the following features:

  • Nut free – no nut products of any kind.
  • Egg free (with a few vegetarian alternative exceptions).
  • Pork free where required
  • The menus have varied food styles and multicultural influences.
  • No artificial starches or thickeners.
  • NSW State Government recognized Gold Licence Caterer with The Restaurant & Catering Association of NSW.
  • Kids Gourmet Food complies with the requirements of the Food Standards Code in addition to being a registered food business with the NSW Food Authority.
  • KGF undergoes rigorous Food Safety Assessment every 3 months by an independent food safety consultant, Stephen Davidson of Food Safety Management Solutions.